How do I index images and documents in ImageVault using SiteSeeker?


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It is possible to use SiteSeeker for searching among images and documents stored in ImageVault, an image and media management tool from Meridium, using the search integration in ImageVault. The integration, which is included in ImageVault, will also enable SiteSeeker to use image and document metadata stored in ImageVault, e.g. categories, descriptions and access control lists.

Configuring ImageVault and EPiServer

  1. Check the version of ImageVault. ImageVault 2.2 or later is required.
  2. Check that the SiteSeeker Search Integration for EPiServer is installed, as well as ImageVault.
  3. Open the web.config file for the web site, and locate the section named imageVault.
  4. If you are using ImageVault 2.2: Add the following element within the imageVault section: <add key="CrawlerUserAgents" value="SiteSeekerCrawler/1.0" />
  5. If you are using ImageVault 3: Add the following attribute in the imageVault element: CrawlerUserAgents="SiteSeekerCrawler/1.0"

Configuring SiteSeeker

  1. Login to SiteSeeker Admin and check that the server type for the server in question is set to EPiServer, with add-in.
  2. In order to make images searchable, enable indexing of images in SiteSeeker Admin (menu option Document Types within the server settings). NB. ImageVault may be used for managing documents as well, in this case it is not necessary to enable indexing of images.

Meta attributes such as title and category are indexed by default. If you would enable indexing of additional attributes, add them in the field Additional meta attributes (menu option Metadata within the server settings). ImageVault attributes are named with the prefix "ImageVault.", followed by the attribute name as input into ImageVault. E.g., if there is an ImageVault attribute named "Photographer", you would enter "ImageVault.Photographer" in SiteSeeker Admin.

Note on access control: In order to have documents in ImageVault access controlled, i.e. filtered depending on the privileges for the current user, it is required that the integration described above is configured and functional, and that access control is enabled both in the SiteSeeker Search Integration for EPiServer and in SiteSeeker Admin. For further information, please refer to the installation guide for the Search Integration.