Indexing documents on another website


Kunskapsdatabasen, Indexering

If you link to documents on another website, you can let SiteSeeker index those specifically, and disregard any other documents found on that website.

Sometimes you want to index documents on another website (e.g. an external website or a document archive), but only the documents that are being linked to from your own website. This can be achieved with a combination of settings in Admin:

  1. Add the other web server in question to servers to be indexed
  2. In the "Document types" section of the server settings, uncheck the checkboxes marked "Follow links"
  3. In the "Starting URLs" section of the server settings, make sure that the text box is empty, and the "Crawl website root" is unchecked

The documents on the other website will be searchable after you have run an indexing.