Introduction to Best bets


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Best bets are custom hits that you can create and display above the organic results list. They are perfect for giving users quick answers to common questions, as well as for messages targeted for specific search terms – your own sponsored links.

Best bets can also be used to ensure that vital information always reach the visitor when certain search terms are used. Another feature of best bets is support for advanced configuration and functionality.

How does it work?

To produce best bets, specify which search terms should match the hit and what HTML code that will be displayed in the result list. You can also attach multiple links, images or forms to the best bets.

When searching for a word that is specified as a keyword for a certain best bet, the best bet is then displayed separately from the other result list.

A disadvantage with best bets is that the information needs to be maintained manually. We recommend reviewing the content of best bets continuously in order to make sure that links to external websites has not been changed since the creation of the best bet.

A how-to guide for Best bets

The simplest way to add a best bet is directly through SiteSeeker Admin. Start by clicking Best bets from the Admin. homepage. Then choose New best bet and specify title, description (which can be formatted using HTML), and search terms. Write one word per line – if you enter more than one word, the best bet is only displayed if the search query contains all these words.

You can also create a best bet from an indexed page with the help of a specific meta tag. Read more about this on the following page How to create best bet from a webpage with the help of meta tags.

Note: If you experience that the ranking does not meet your expectations, please contact your SiteSeeker partner or the SiteSeeker support instead of creating best bets.