Use NuGet to install SiteSeeker's integration modules


You can use NuGet, the package manager built into Visual Studio, to install the integration modules for EPiServer and .NET. If you are using EPiServer, the NuGet installer will also configure your web project so that you can get started with SiteSeeker quickly, and build a great search page.

The SiteSeeker.EPiServer NuGet package performs the following tasks upon installation:

  • Automatically download and install the SiteSeeker.Core NuGet package
    The SiteSeeker.Core NuGet package adds a SiteSeeker reference to your web project
  • Adds a SiteSeeker.EPiServer reference to your web project.
  • Makes modifications to the Web.config to automatically bootstrap the web site for SiteSeeker support.

Installation Steps:

1. Open your EPiServer web project in Visual Studio.

Below is an example of a EPiServer web project as seen in the Solution Explorer in Visual Studio:

2. With your web project selected in Solution Explorer, click on the Project menu item, and select the Manage NuGet Packages item as seen below:

3. In the Manage NuGet Packages window, click the Online item and enter SiteSeekerin the search box. Once you see SiteSeeker.EPiServer, click on the Install button next to it.

4. Upon successful installation of SiteSeeker.EPiServer NuGet package, you should see the following:

5. Verify that the SiteSeeker and SiteSeeker.EPiServer references were added to the EPiServer web project:

6. Also verify that SiteSeeker entries were made in the Web.config file as seen below. You should see entries in the configSections, handlers and siteseeker:

7. Compile your project. This step is very important, as it will copy the SiteSeeker.dll andSiteSeeker.EPiServer.dll files to the bin folder of your web site.

8. Verify that the EPiServer web site works. You should be able to see the SiteSeeker tab in the Edit Mode page:

9. Clicking on the SiteSeeker tab should display a list of all the bootstrapped search indices:

10. Clicking on a search index should correctly display a statistics page to the right.