Softronic offers a wide selection of IT and management services with a complete responsibility for the customers needs. We call it IT partership. The company has grown from five employees in 1984 to ~500 today. We have been noted on the Stockholm Stock exchange since 1998.

We are specialized in taking longterm responsibility in everything from fixed price projects to outsourcing commitments that streches many year. Many of our clients stays for more than 10 years and gives us very high ratings in client satisfaction surveys.

We are at our best when the client needs a consultant that is both an advisor as well as an supplier. That faces us against high demans, but it gives our clients a significant higher return value from his/hers investment.

Our clients thinks we are a large enough company to offer the best competense and quality and highest seciurity in supplying but we are at the same time small enough to prioritize our customers needs and make them feel significant.

Our consultants have deep knowledge in both businesses and the technology that we use to make the best solutions. Our employees have an avarage of 10 years in the industy.

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