Increase sales and customer value with SiteSeeker for e-commerce

Focus on user experience guides your customers right

A rewarding shopping experience is as important on the web as in the store. Getting product suggestions and finding relevant information that helps you with your purchase is an crucial aspect for any online shopper. In order for your e-commerce site to achieve this, you need a search solution with smart faceting, product images, sorting and intelligent key word suggestions. SiteSeeker helps your business to grow and not your costs.

The search solution that get to know your customers and produces hits that sell

SiteSeeker collects data about user behavior in real time and supports your e-commerce sales by increased conversion rate and improved customer loyalty. Shopping suggestions are created automatically by letting the customer see what other users with similar profile have bought. It is also easy to integrate additional business data to the ranking and for example let stock status, profitability and sales influence how the products are promoted. Altogether, SiteSeeker is creating the best conditions for increased sales.

Integration out of the box

Get started with implementation and customization of your search page with help of integration modules and components included in our delivery.

Long relationships – not long projects

Our goal is to create long relationships with our customers and partners, not to create long and costly projects. With a well-developed partner network, we can assure you that a SiteSeeker project can be measured in days and not months.

  • SiteSeeker is delivered as a service, it's monitored, maintained and upgraded by us and new functionality is always included.
  • SiteSeeker is leading the market in customer satisfaction, with customers within all sectors and areas.*
  • A well-established partner network consisting of Sweden's top consulting firms secures a fast and hassle free implementation.

* Note: Web Service Award, trend survey 2010, 2011 & 2012.

Measurable results

What is the outcome of using SiteSeeker for e-commerce?

  • Increased sales and conversion rate
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Better knowledge about your customers' shopping behavior.
  • Increased credibility when users can share shopping suggestions
  • Measure results and follow the search with the help of the included statistical tools.