Increase intranet collaboration with SiteSeeker

An intranet usually contains a myriad of information, services and tools – often running on different platforms and interfaces. As an employee, you are often facing the challenge to find the right information or tool in order to solve a specific task, here and now. As IT-administrator, you are equally challenged to integrate all sorts of systems and getting them working. Too often, the outcome is time spent looking instead of productive work.

Simpler integration of information sources

SiteSeeker integrates the sources you choose – all that is required is information accessible with a web browser. With a simple search, you get all the relevant results without having to know where the information is stored. Integration between the different data sources is not necessary – SiteSeeker acts as a hub for the entire organization's knowledge.

One search box

Employees don't need to know where the information comes from – if it's in SiteSeeker, they will find it. To search for internal information becomes as easy as searching on the internet.

A world of shared knowledge

When you can find information, you can share it. Your organization gets smarter and the potential of your employees is fully utilised. SiteSeeker exposes information and makes it accessible to the entire staff.

A secure solution

Not everyone should have access to all information. Security is an important aspect of internal search and SiteSeeker allows for secure access to the information. Through our native support for access control of the most common tools and with a flexible security model that can be adapted to other tools, each employee gets access to exactly the right information when they need it.

Long relationships – not long projects

Our goal is to create long relationships with our customers and partners, not to create long and costly projects. With a well-developed partner network, we can assure you that a SiteSeeker project can be measured in days and not months.

  • SiteSeeker can index information from most web-based systems, including older legacy systems.
  • SiteSeeker's advanced ranking functionality instantly produces relevant results and with the ability to balance/allocate sources of information, document formats and catalogues, a web editor or an administrator can fine tune the results.
  • SiteSeeker's statistical tools give great capability to follow-up and improvement of the search function and content.
  • Query completion in the search box and search page as well as automatic spelling suggestion instantly lead the employee to the right information.
  • SiteSeeker gives you the opportunity to create a search powered intranet where users can explore information from different systems through one single interface.

Measurable results

  • What is the outcome of using SiteSeeker for Intranet search?
  • More employees find what they are looking for
  • It is easier to share information
  • Less time spent searching saves money
  • Accessible knowledge gives better results