Increase the value of your website with SiteSeeker

Over 30 percent of website [1] visitors navigate straight for the search box and on some websites, that number is 60 percent.[2] SiteSeeker for websites helps your visitors to instantly find the information they are looking for when using the search box, regardsless of your website's focus.

Meet your visitors expectations with search

Expectations on search are high when visitors are looking for information, knowledge or entertainment online. A person, a form or a specific product should be instantly found with a simple search query. The presentation options in SiteSeeker's integration module allows you to give your visitors a search experience that increases the value of your website and brand.

Optimize your website with search statistics

SiteSeeker comes with a full set of tools for search statistics which helps you optimize your website for global search engines. The search statistics present common search queries where your visitors have not been able to find the relevant content, displays relations between search queries and helps you to track broken links within the field of topic in question. SiteSeeker's search statistics allow you to analyze statistical data between different time periods and shows the effect of your improvement in a simple way.

Easy to integrate

SiteSeeker collects and presents all information and knowledge that your visitors are looking for, regardless of where the data sources comes from. With components from the SiteSeeker integration module, you can start connecting your data to our search solution. SiteSeeker gives you the opportunity to create listings and views – dynamically and without limitations.

Long relationships – not long projects

Our goal is to create long relationships with our customers and partners, not to create long and costly projects. With a well-developed partner network, we can assure you that a SiteSeeker project can be measured in days and not months.

[1] According to Web Service Award, 2011.

[2] Data from Vårdguiden shows that 74 procent av all visitors use the search functionality to find relevant information, 2008.

  • SiteSeeker offers qualified support, training and workshops for your developers and end-users.
  • SiteSeeker's knowledge database contains an comprehensive archive of how-to guides, best practices and questions and answers regarding search and the SiteSeeker platform.

Measurable results

What is the outcome of using SiteSeeker for websites?

  • Supply your visitors with just-in-time information
  • Relieve your customer support
  • Follow the search with the webbased admin- & statistical tools.
  • Better search on your web site creates satisfied customers and increased sales
  • An offer that takes search on your website one step further