Build innovative search solutions with SiteSeeker search integration for EPiServer

In order to achieve success with your website, intranet or e-commerce platform, you need a great search solution. A solution that instantly and efficiently can be integrated with your CMS.

SiteSeeker's search integration for EPiServer allows for a close connection between your CMS and the search engine. SiteSeeker finds all information about documents and web pages that is stored in EPiServer which produces better search results and a more individualized results page.

Simplified configuration

Configuration works swiftly, since SiteSeeker automatically accesses all information about categories, key words and other meta data. It also makes the process of creating personalized search pages for different users and to run sections of the website with the search easy.

Faster deployment and upgrades

Without lenghty installation processes, you will have more time to create value for yourself and your web site visitors. Upgrades are executed from the EPiServer Deployment Center and is equally simple.

A safe investment

SiteSeeker is a well-established search service, used by more than 300 organisations, half of which use EPiServer. In the last five years, the SiteSeeker Search Integration Toolkit has helped more than 20 EPiSever partners build more than 180 search enabled EPiServer web sites and intranets.

Our commitment is not limited to our software, we will gladly share our expertise within search through feasibility studies, workshops and training. As a result, polls show that SiteSeeker is Sweden's premier search service, year after year.*

* Note: Web Service Award, trendundersökningen 2010, 2011 and 2012

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Version 4 – The next generation search integration

We have together with Sweden's leading EPiServer-developers built the next generation of search integration that is faster, easier to test and more extendable.

  • Focus on developer productivity
  • Improved installation- and upgrading process.
  • Create segmented search pages, faceting and key word suggestion in the search box with a
  • minimum of code.
  • Use SiteSeeker's statistical tool to identify and prioritize areas of improvement.
  • Complete API-documentation
  • Chose your own framework, Web Forms or .NET.MVC