Cloud-based Search for E-commerce, Online Customer Service and Intranets

SiteSeeker is a suite of search- and statistics services for E-commerce, online customer service and intranets. SiteSeeker is used by more than 220 companies, government bodies and NGOs. A unique, cloud-based service model offers expert support and world leading search technology that match the customer's unique and changing needs for efficient information retrieval.

SiteSeeker for EPiServer

SiteSeeker offers proven and reliable search solutions for EPiServer. Used by more than 130 EPiServer-customers across hundreds of web sites and intranets, the SiteSeeker search module integrates completely in any version of EPiServer.

Market Leading Customer Satisfaction

SiteSeeker is the highest rated search solution in the Swedish Market, according to a market survey performed by the independent analysts at Web Service Award in april 2009. Based on replies from 600 web site owners, SiteSeeker achieved an average score of 87/100, with the runner-up scoring 57/100.