EPiServer Integration module intro


This section will give you a introduction to the SiteSeeker integration module for EPiServer.

The SiteSeeker module is developed with extensibility at the heart of the system.

We have applied the S.O.L.I.D acrynym throughout the the code base of the module.

As you can read in our configuration section its possible to extend our modules with your own implementation of the interface / base class

There is a example of the extension of the the meta data handler here

You can currently extend the following classes:

Interface Default implementation Description
IAuthorizeFilter DefaultSiteSeekerAuthorizationFilter Authorization filter which implements the ISiteSeekerAuthorizeFilter.
ICrawlerAuthenticator DefaultCrawlerAuthenticator Implementation of the crawler.Verifies that the crawler is a SiteSeeker crawler by checking agent name, username or I.P Range of client
IFileMetaDataHandler DefaultMetatagHandler Default meta tag handler which needs to be extended by the sub system
IAutoCompleteProvider AutoCompleteProvider Fetches autocomplete strings in json format from the search index engine based on the users typed text.
IClickRegistrationProvider DefaultClickRegistrationProvider Handles the clicks for pageload,clickregistration, best bets,hits and conversion
IHtmlHelpers HtmlHelper Generates html strings based on helper implementation
ILocalizable DefaultLocalizer Default localizer that uses XML language resource files.The format of the XML file is identical with the language file format used in EPiServer CMS.
ILoggedInUser DefaultSiteSeekerLoggedInUser Represents a logged in user. Holds the user roles and name. This implementation should be replaced by a custom implementation based on the authorization system.
IMetaTagHandler DefaultMetaTagHandler Default meta tag handler which needs to be extended by the sub system
IUserSession NoServerStateUserSession Provides a User Session when there is no server state



The raw Web Service protocol towards SiteSeeker.