EPiServer Integration module intro


This section will give you a introduction to the SiteSeeker integration module for EPiServer.

You can use our API to generate your search queries. Your search API will make use of the configuration of the Search indices, which you can read about here

There is two elements to creating a search page.

Creating a search UI

You can make use of our HTML helpers which we ship out of the box. The helpers can look like this:


You can read more about the SiteSeeker HTML helpers here

Constructing Search queries

You can construct search queries with very few lines of code. If you need more power its possible to expand the Search API with your own implementations.

You can read about the extension points here

A simple search query could look like this

 //Fetch search index
 SearchIndex searchIndex = SearchIndexFactory.GetSearchIndex(indexName);
 //Send query and retrieve search response
 SearchResponse response = searchIndex.Search("searchpageName", searchQuery);

You can read more about the search query API here