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SiteSeeker offers integration modules for EPiServer, SiteVision and .NET. Select the desired integration module and download the latest release below.

  • EPiServer 6 and 7

EPiServer Search Integration version 4

Note: if you using version 5R2 of EPiServer you need to download this package (Compressed files-dokument, 4.0 MB)

It is easy to install the integration module. Follow these steps to get started!

  1. If you are performing an upgrade, please review the version history before you begin.
  2. Download the installation program below and extract the files.
  3. Run the installer – there are two versions, one that is signed and is recommended in most cases, and one that is not, for situations where there is no internet access on the server where the installer is run.
  4. Opn EPiServer Deployment Center, select the instance you would like to install SiteSeeker in, and click the link "SiteSeeker". If you would like to install the module manually without the use of Deployment Center, please review this guide on configuring EPiServer manually.
  5. Start with one of the example projects below to create a page type for the search page.

Whats new in the latest release?

Release notes for version 4 of the EPiServer Search Integration can be found here: Version history, search integration for EPiServer and .NET (module version 4). Please note that new versions may contain breaking API changes – please read the version history carefully if you are performing an upgrade.