Rendering popular queries on the search page


Kunskapsdatabasen, Söksidan

SiteSeeker allows you to present the most popular search queries on the search page.

How does it work?

The most common search queries are generated from the search logs. Only search queries that will generate results will be shown. The queries are presented in order, starting with the most popular query. Similar queries will be merged, thereby avoiding listing a lot of almost identical queries.

How to

This feature is available in SiteSeeker version 6.06 or later!

First you need to activate the feature in SiteSeeker Admin.Navigate to Search pages » Guided search » Most popular queries. It is possible to promote certain queries and also suppress others.

It is possible to influence the selection of queries:

  • Either you can base the list on a longer period of search logs, wich gives you a more solid basis for the suggestions. A limitation with this approach is that it might take longer for new search queries to appear on the list.
  • Or you can base the list on a shorter term, allowing for trends to show but perhaps making the total selection less reliable.