Crawl and Indexing

Using Sitemaps

SiteSeeker supports sitemaps in familiar formats and can be located using "robots.txt", starting point configuration in SiteSeeker Admin or filename.

Indexing documents on another website

If you link to documents on another website, you can let SiteSeeker index those specifically, and disregard any other documents found on that website.

What is the difference between the various crawling modes?

When you manually start a crawl and indexing in SiteSeeker Admin you can choose between three different crawling modes, full, minimal or no crawl mode. Here follows a description in detail of the differences between the various modes so that you can pick the best mode for your environment.

Images in ImageVault

It is possible to use SiteSeeker for searching among images and documents stored in ImageVault, an image and media management tool from Meridium, using the search integration in ImageVault. The integration, which is included in ImageVault, will also enable SiteSeeker to use image and document metadata stored in ImageVault, e.g. categories, descriptions and access control lists.

How does SiteSeeker index images?

SiteSeeker can in addition to HTML and other frequently occurring document types also index images.

Solutions for crawling JavaScript links

Links that depend on JavaScript are generally not crawled by SiteSeeker or global search engines. If the website uses JavaScript links exclusively, it may become invisible to the outside world.